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May 13, 2016
Workshop on Effective Translation of Research Results To The Clinical Practice

This workshop took place on May 11, in MED-El Headquarters, in Innsbruck

Participants got insight into MED-EL “clinical practice”, with a company tour followed by some hands-on experience with implantation in a training laboratory, organised by the MED-EL team.

Later, Mario Walser, MEDEL-VIBRANT Clinical Support Specialist, talked about “Hearing implant accessibility in Austria” as an example of EU situation. He was followed by Carolyn Garnham, MED-EL Life Science Research Group Leader, who talked about “Effective ways from concepts to optimal product” and Marek Polak, MED-EL Head of Electrophysiology for Assessment, who presented the development of a testing electrode for the assessment of nerve functionality. Finally, Philippe de Medina, AFFICHEM´s Scientific officer, gave one specific example of a novel therapeutic candidate for the treatment of hearing loss: Dendrogenin molecules.

The translation of research results was also covered by Kenneth Mugridge, MED-EL R&D Pharmacologist, and Marcus Tschentscher, MED-EL Clinical Research Manager. Dr. Mugridge talked about therapeutic targets in combination with cochlear implants (CI) and Dr. Tschentscher gave some examples of previous and current CI clinical research projects.

These talks were followed by presentations by other Targear partners, who shared their research activities with translational potential, and a discussion  about the feasibility/challenges of translating such findings from the basic research to a clinical product.