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September 23, 2014
Wireless connectivity will turn hearing aids into multipurpose devices

A new global Bluetooth standard will connect hearing aids with a variety of mobile devices

The introduction of wireless connectivity in hearing aids will allow people to connect their hearing aids with a wide range of mobile devices which have become an essential part of modern life – from MP3 players to TV and mobile phones – and to stay connected to the audible world around them.

However, there are still some limits to overcome. The tiny batteries used in hearing aids, additional accessories required to connect hearing aids to mobile devices and the fact that you are bound to one brand due to the lack of a global Bluetooth standard.

To solve these restrictions, the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers have joined forces with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), mobile phone and TV producers to develop an ultra-low power non-proprietary solution that will be part of a new Bluetooth specification. This solution will allow hearing aid users to wirelessly receive stereo music and voice from their phones, TVs and music players, providing extra clarity in everyday environments.