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April 24, 2015
The British know very little about hearing loss

93% of Britons with hearing loss knew very little about hearing loss before they themselves had it; and very few know the scope of the problem, a study shows

A survey, ”Listen Up Britain”, shows that the British know pretty much nothing about hearing loss. The survey, which involved 1,300 people including members of the general public, individuals with hearing loss and parents with hearing loss, found some interesting results.

The survey found that 93% of people with hearing loss knew either nothing or very little about their condition prior to their own diagnosis. Almost half (46%) stated that they were not currently receiving any treatment at all.

Some will ignore their problem
The survey also found that nearly one in five people said that if they had symptoms of hearing loss, they would completely ignore it. Only 12% of people interviewed were aware of the true scale of hearing loss in the UK. Only 3% knew that people with hearing loss wait on average 10 years from first noticing a problem to getting their hearing tested.

At the same time, 73% of those interviewed in the survey said that they knew someone with hearing loss.

The survey was commissioned by the company MED-EL.