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September 25, 2015
TARGEAR´s participation in the European Researcher´s Night 2015

The European Researchers’ Night takes place every year all over Europe and beyond the last Friday of September. In 2015, these popular science events happened on Friday 25 September in around 300 cities located in 24 European and neighbouring countries

The events scheduled on Friday 25 September were an opportunity to meet researchers, talk to them, and to find out what they really do for society, in interactive and engaging ways.

These events were supported by the European Commission as part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, which is an EU programme to boost European research careers.

TARGEAR took part in these celebrations for the second time. This year, Prof. Isabel Varela Nieto (CSIC) organised the conference and workshop ‘The human genome through time: in search of the DNA of Miguel de Cervantes’ in Madrid, in colaboration with the Spanish Socciety for Biochemistry and Biochemical Biology (SEBBM), and Prof. Emmanuel Noguer (AFFICHEM) shared his experience with the attendants at the Researcher’s Night in Toulouse.

To see the pictures and videos of Madrid´s conference and workshop, please click here.

To see the pictures of the Researcher´s Night in Toulouse please click here.