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October 19, 2015
Take a look at the video “The more you hear, the less you hear”

The video, by Vania Cao, an application scientist, got an Honorable Mention at the Brain Awareness Video Contest 2015

Source: Society for Neuroscience

These were the winners of the 2015 Brain Awareness Video Contest

First Place: Do We See the Same Red? By Matthew Sugrim, recent college graduate from the United Kingdom

Second Place: How Powerful Illusions Reveal Coding in Your Brain By Guillaume Riesen, graduate student at Stanford University

Third Place: Your Sixth Sense By Alison Caldwell, graduate student at University of California: San Diego, and Micah Caldwell

Honorable Mention: The More You Hear, The Less You Hear! By Vania Cao, an application scientist

About the 2015 Contest
Anyone can enter! Work with a member of the Society for Neuroscience near you to produce an educational video about the brain and it could appear on this page. Whether it’s an animation, song, or skit, share the wonders of science through the Brain Awareness Video Contest.