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June 23, 2017
Soundbite: Latest Biomedical News – June 2017

[Action on Hearing Loss] Soundbite is the monthly newsletter of Action on Hearing Loss focussing on biomedical research. It includes news from their research programme and the projects they are funding around the world, as well as news from the wider world of hearing loss and tinnitus research and the breakthroughs being made.

Promising signs for the future

Recent advances in motion-recognition technology promise new solutions to help sign-language users worldwide communicate with non-signers. Jesal Vishnuram, our Technology Research Manager, tells all.

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Scientifically speaking

We’re funding Alan Archer-Boyd to find ways to speed up how cochlear implants are programmed for the best listening experience. Alan tells us about why he works in hearing research and what he hopes to achieve in his blog.

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Are two hearing aids better than one?

Are there benefits to wearing two hearing aids instead of just one? Yes – if your hearing loss is in both ears. There are many benefits to your listening from wearing two hearing aids – read our blog to find out what they are.

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