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August 17, 2016
Sound deprivation may result in irreversible hearing loss

[]The findings suggest that chronic conductive hearing loss – which can occur with reoccurring ear infections – can lead to permanent hearing loss if left untreated

Chronic conductive hearing loss, such as that caused by recurrent ear infections, may lead to permanent hearing loss if it remains untreated. This is the result of a study, conducted by a team of researchers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, who found that sound deprivation in adult mice causes irreversible damage to the inner ear. The study was published in PLOS ONE.Early intervention and treatment
Data from the study suggest that the auditory deprivation itself damages the inner ear in ways similar to that seen in age-related hearing loss and noise-induced hearing loss (types of sensorineural hearing loss).

The study’s authors suggest that the effects of the inner ear damaging sound deprivation need to be considered in the clinical management of chronic conductive hearing loss although the underlying mechanisms of the deprivation are not yet known.

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