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October 16, 2014
Madrid Science Week

An annual landmark celebrated throughout Spain since 2001

In many regions the Science and Technology Week is the most important scientific outreach initiative. Since 2001 it has been organised on a national basis with the aim of bringing science to the public of all ages, to stimulate a taste for scientific knowledge and encourage citizens participation in scientific issues by conducting outreach activities in museums, universities, research centres, technology parks, etc.

Its main feature is that the institutions and research centres open their doors for two weeks so the public can find out about the latest developments in science and the main lines of research that scientists are pursuing. The week gives the public access to the spaces where scientific knowledge is generated, bringing them into direct contact with laboratories and researchers. A whole range of formats are possible: workshops, exhibitions, guided tours and open days, meetings between young people and researchers, science cafés, debates, lectures, shows, etc..