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June 27, 2016
Position statement from the European Connected Health Alliance on “The UK Decision to leave the EU”

A message from Brian O’Connor, Chair

We like many in the UK had anticipated a vote in favour of ‘Remain’. The Leave vote won and the consequences of that, both for the UK and for Europe and further afield is the subject of much debate and speculation.

The European Connected Health Alliance, perhaps better known as the ECHAlliance, represents over 500 member organisations and a global community of 16,500 drawn from academia, health and social care providers, industry, governments and policy makers, patient groups, funders and investors.

ECHAlliance, is a truly strong European organisation with members from almost every EU Member State, Ecosystems in many European Countries, with many more planned to launch this year. Our European mentality is reflected as well in our operations with our multi-national team, based in UK, Spain and Germany.

We, with the support of you, the Community, have created an effective Network of Ecosystems and our online Connector Platform.
We have connected many organisations and led collaboration across Europe, by breaking down silos and by concentrating of finding practical solutions to real needs.

The coalition and collaboration of the willing is based on the need and desire to work together across organisational, economic, sector and legal borders.

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