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April 14, 2016
PhD Studentship position open, to work on the neurobiological bases of cephalic pain in rodents (Madrid, Spain)

The Neural Plasticity Group (Anatomy, Histology & Neuroscience Dept., Autonoma University of Madrid) invites applications for a 3-year predoctoral position, starting Spring 2016

The candidate accepted is expected to join the recently awarded project entitled “Peripheral players in sensory input dependent plasticity and their role in mechanisms of chronic cephalic pain and its treatment” (Principal Investigator: Carlos Avendaño, MD, PhD).

His/her work in the project will mainly involve the use of behavioral assays of mechanical and thermal somatosensation, electrophysiological methods to stimulate nerves and to record in the trigeminocervical nuclei, various types of surgery on cephalic nerves, and a range of neuroanatomical techniques.


1. EU citizenship.

2. Graduate in Medicine, Biology, Psychology, Biomedicine/Biotechnology or related areas, preferably with some pregrad and/or postgrad training in the neurosciences.

3. Have 300 ECTS completed (at least 60 ECTS in a Master degree) by May 31st, 2016.

4. Have high academic marks, that could allow the candidate to compete for subsequent extramural grant funding.

5. Fluency in English.

6. A license to manipulate experimental animals is a must. Otherwise, the candidate should get such license as soon as possible.

7. Candidates are expected to enroll in the PhD Program in Neuroscience of the Autonoma University of Madrid [ ], and to be willing to work hard and travel to other labs as part of their training.

8. Skills in the use of Excel spreadsheets, digital graphics programs, statistical packages, and laboratory experience are encouraged.

Application and Contact Applicants should send a full CV, a letter of motivation, and a copy of the academic records to:

Dr. C. Avendaño

Dept. Anatomy, Histology & Neuroscience Medical School, Autonoma Univ. of Madrid

c/ Arzobispo Morcillo 2 28029 Madrid (Spain)

Phone: +34 914975335 e-mail:

Selection procedure

Applications will be processed until the position is filled. Personal interviews may be conducted by appointment.

Job Information

While the candidate is expected to succeed in getting funding from other sources, the project will provide him/her a stipend of about 10,000 EUR/year until securing better alternative funding.

Expected contract length: 3 years

Institution: Autonoma University of Madrid

Department: Anatomy, Histology & Neuroscience