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November 18, 2015
November newsletter of the Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss

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Stanford University Medical Center has a long tradition of leadership in discovery, innovation, and creative research. Its world-class hospitals dedicated to adult and pediatric care and its close proximity to allied programs throughout the university—including
biology, physics, engineering, and computer science—allows investigators to interact and collaborate, offering the potential for “out-of-the-box” solutions that will lead to new therapies, technologies, and innovations.

Since there is no way to be certain which of various strategies will ultimately prove successful, the Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss (SICHL) pursues several lines of investigation until one or a few approaches emerge as the the most effective solution. It is essential to pursue many different avenues of research, because discoveries in one discipline may relate to a seemingly unrelated investigation.

SICHL is building a new paradigm of progress through partnerships and collaboration, coupled with breakthrough science and brilliant problem-solving. It will reinforce the backand-forth dynamic of translational medicine with one concentrated focus: to find a way to cure—and prevent—hearing loss.