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July 18, 2016
Mobile Age project: making senior citizens benefit from open government data

Aiming to develop inclusive mobile access to public services using open government data

While more and more public services are made available online only, older persons’ needs and wishes towards digital services are rarely understood and taken in account. This deficit is often exacerbated by their lower digital skills and poor access to the internet. In order to cope with this, Mobile Age is based on the concept of co-creation: it will develop mobile open government services that are created together with senior citizens.

To do so, Mobile Age will develop four pilots in collaboration with public authorities across Europe: South Lakeland (UK); Bremen (Germany); Region of Central Macedonia (Greece); and Zaragoza (Spain). There, older persons themselves will decide which services they want to access, which kind of applications they would like to use, and which requirements in terms of accessibility and mobility they opt for. Each pilot site will work on a specific theme: social inclusion in Bremen; extending independent living in South Lakeland; a safe and accessible city for seniors in Zaragoza, and personal health information in Central Macedonia. Based on such decisions, the Mobile Age team will develop the requested applications and ask older persons to test them in real-life settings.

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