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December 16, 2016
Blanca Aurora Cervantes Sánchez is the fellow of the week on MSCA Facebook Page

Meet our postdoctoral research fellow at the Neurobiology of Hearing Laboratory at the Institute of Biomedical Research

Blanca is a postdoctoral research fellow within the #IAPP TARGEAR project at the Neurobiology of Hearing Laboratory at the Institute of Biomedical Research, belonging to the University of Madrid. TARGEAR aims to develop a collaborative strategy between public research institutes and private companies, based on transfer of knowledge, to better understand the nature of age-related hearing loss and to develop prevention and recovery therapies that combine the use of new drugs with advances in the technology of cochlear implants. Blanca’s work deals with developing cellular models for the study of the activity of new molecules with therapeutic potential in the treatment of age-related hearing loss. The benefit that this project confers on society is the development of stronger biomedical research in hearing loss for a better future for deaf people.

This is her insight as an MSCA researcher and her participation in European Researchers’ Night:
The MSCA fellowship has been for me an excellent training experience, both scientifically and technically and has allowed me a complete dedication on research as well as to participate in a research team in another country. What is more, this prestigious fellowship has given me the opportunity to participate two times in the European Researchers’ Night (NIGHT), in 2015 in Madrid and this year in Toulouse. Participating in NIGHT events has been very important for me because it has allowed me to talk with people of different ages, and to create social awareness for taking care of our hearing and the consequences of hearing loss.


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