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January 31, 2017
Many people in Poland have a hearing loss

[] There are more people in Poland who say they have a hearing loss than in other European countries. At the same time, fewer people with hearing loss use hearing aids

The Survey EuroTrak Poland 2016 shows that 18.3% of all adults (above the age of 18) in Poland think that they have a hearing loss. This is far more than the 11-12% found in similar surveys in other European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

Around 60% of those who say that they have a hearing loss think they have a bilateral hearing loss (hearing loss in both ears).


The EuroTrak Survey Poland 2016 also shows that only 17.8%, less than one in five, of those who think they have a hearing loss use hearing aids. In the United Kingdom and Switzerland, more than 40% of people who say that they have a hearing loss use hearing aids. In France and Germany, it is more than a third of those who report having a hearing loss who use hearing aids.

33% of the hearing aid owners in Poland have a binaural treatment (use two hearing aids). This is only around half of the rate that is seen in other European countries.

Of those who say they have a hearing loss, 41% have had a hearing test within the last 5 years.

In Poland more than three out of four (77%) of those who use hearing aids had got some kind of 3rd party reimbursement, according to the survey.


The EHIMA’s EuroTrak Poland 2016 survey was carried out in cooperation with the Swiss analysis firm Anovum. More than 15,000 people participated in the survey.