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August 22, 2016
Many Canadian oil and gas workers experience hearing loss

[] Workers in the oil and gas sector in British Columbia, Canada are twice as likely to lose their hearing as workers in other noisy industries

33% of the workers in the oil and gas industry in British Columbia who had their hearing tested showed signs of hearing loss. The hearing loss appeared to be noise-induced (NIHL). This is more than double the 16% average for workers in noisy industries, WorkSafeBC writes in a report.

More than half of all workers in the industry are 35 and under. This means that hearing losses in these industries are not age-related.

Almost all the workers wore hearing protection. This implies that the hearing protection being worn is not working. WorkSafeBC writes that is might be because the workers are removing the hearing protection or wear them incorrectly, because more or better hearing protection is needed or that the noise levels are so high that the hearing protection do not really help.