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January 5, 2017
Rock legend Midge Ure has hearing problems

[] The famous musician suffers from hearing loss due to a long, active career, which has had its impact on the life of the Scotsman, who is still active.

In the 1970´s and 1980´s, Midge Ure made countless numbers of performances with the bands Ultravox and Visage. Today, Midge Ure is still active musician. But an intense past has left its mark on the Scotsman, who ever since the days of glory has suffered from hearing loss, including tinnitus.

The constant ringing tone, which tinnitus provokes, has become an integral part of the musician’s life: “If I think about it, I can hear it and sometimes I can hear it more than others”, Ure states.

In his everyday life, Midge Ure especially experiences the negative consequences of hearing loss when visiting restaurants. He finds it difficult to handle the background noise coming from the surrounding tables and guests.



Even though the hearing problem affects his private life, Midge Ure is still able to perform on stage. He uses custom-made ear-plugs, which help his hearing during a concert.

Midge Ure himself first became aware of his hearing problem long after his career peaked. There was no loud explosion or anything I remember that caused it. We were in the studio recording and I just became aware of this tone and it never went away,” Ure explains.

Midge Ure still has a strong motivation for playing music, even though the presence of his tinnitus cannot disappear: “As long as good health prevails, I won’t retire.” he says., photo: Wikipedia


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