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July 3, 2015
June issue of the Newsletter of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

The EIP on AHA brings together a wide array of stakeholders to work in a collaborative way on shared interests and projects geared towards achieving common goals and promotig successful technological, social and organisational innovation

European funding available in support of the EIP on AHA
The call for proposals for projects under the 2015 Work Plan of the 3rd Health Programme is now published. The deadline for submissions is set for 15 September – 17:00 (Brussels time). The call includes support for the implementation and scaling up of good practices in the areas of integrated care, frailty prevention, adherence to medical plans and age-friendly communities.
As for the Work Programme 2016-2017 for Societal Challenge 1 (SC1 – related to Health Demographic Change and Wellbeing) of the Horizon 2020 programme, it will be published in the Autumn. But you can already save the date for the Info Day, to be held on 18 September.
Additionally please note two calls for tenders have been published: One for support to scaling-up of innovations in active and healthy ageing, the other for a study on the Silver Economy.

Share your age-friendly initiatives!
Do you have an innovative age-friendly good practice? Share it with an EU-wide network of European local and regional authorities, businesses, universities and civil society organisations by uploading it in the AFE-INNOVNET repository.
The AFE-INNOVNET Thematic Network, launched early 2014, aims at setting up a EU wide community of local and regional authorities and other relevant stakeholders who want to work together to find smart and innovative evidence-based solutions to support active and healthy ageing and develop age-friendly environments across the EU.
Many innovative solutions supporting active and healthy ageing have been developed as pilots, but they often remain isolated and do not get scaled up, not even in their own country. This means that their impact on addressing challenges of demographic change in Europe is limited. In this framework, AFE-INNOVNET is gathering age-friendly environments initiatives in order to help information sharing between all interested stakeholders in the field of active and healthy ageing and to facilitate the transferability and scaling up of successful practices.
If you have successful innovative solutions for age-friendly environments you want to share, please include them in the AFE-INNOVNET repository so European stakeholders can benefit from your experience. Help us create an EU-wide database of initiatives on age-friendly environments!

Launch of the Covenant on Demographic Change
The Covenant on Demographic Change will engage local and regional authorities, and other relevant stakeholders, committed to develop environments that support active and healthy ageing and contribute to increase the healthy life expectancy, enhance independent living and well-being of older persons and create a society for all ages. It will closely cooperate and build on existing initiatives such as the WHO Global Network on Age-Friendly Cities and Communities, the WHO-Europe Healthy City Network, the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, in the spirit of the 2013 Dublin Declaration on Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in Europe.
The Covenant on Demographic Change will be launched on 7 December 2015 at the Committee of the Regions (Brussels), with the support of the European Commission and the AFE-INNOVNET Thematic Network. The following two days, 8 and 9 December, workshops will be organised to support local and regional authorities in developing and implementing an action plan on age-friendly environments.

Helping public ICT procurers get innovative
The European Commission is supporting public organisations to sign more and better innovation procurements for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) based solutions across the EU, thanks to a new three-year initiative. Innovation procurement empowers public authorities to procure pioneering, state-of-the-art solutions customised to their specific needs, and helps local and central governments to provide tax payers with the best possible quality services.
The European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip) initiative will assist public procurers (ministries, local authorities, universities, hospitals, public utility companies, etc.) to implement innovation procurements for ICT based solutions across the European Union. Assistance will take the form of helping procurers in the design and implementation of their procurement process and providing a toolkit to assist them with the procedure. The initiative also offers training in the form of nine workshops across Europe specifically targeted at providing procurers and using good practice approaches and hands-on support.
eafip will also promote innovation procurement to a wide audience through three major events. The first major event will take place at the 27th and 28th October in the City Hall of Paris. The two-day event targets policy makers, procurers, procurement law firms and businesses, to raise awareness about major PCP/PPI initiatives across Europe and organise networking between stakeholders to discuss new ideas and initiatives for EU wide cooperation on PCP/PPI.
Please visit the eafip website for more information about the initiative and upcoming events.