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March 5, 2018
How to prevent hearing loss and how to reduce its impact

[] On the occasion of World Hearing Day, a lunch debate under the headline “Hear the Future – and prepare for it” will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels, March 6th.

Hearing loss is on the rise, both globally and in Europe, but how can we prevent it and how can we reduce its impact?

These issues will be discussed at a lunch debate at the European Parliament in Brussels on March 6th. The lunch debate will be hosted by MEP Renate Sommer (Germany, EPP) together with co-host MEP Heinz Becker (Austria, EPP)

The speakers and participants in the debate are:

  • Dr Shelly Chadha, World Health Organization, WHO
  • Professor Hélène Amieva, Inserm, Bordeaux
  • Professor emerita Bridget Shield, South Bank University, London
  • Lidia Best, European Federation of the Hard of Hearing, EFHOH
  • Anne-Sophie Parent, Age Platform Europe
  • Mark Laureyns, European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals, AEA


Professor Hélène Amieva will present new findings on the impact of untreated hearings loss and professional hearing care and the importance of hearing aids for independence. Professor Bridget Shield will present new data on the costs of untreated hearing loss in Europe.

Dr Shelly Chadha, WHO, will talk about the theme of World Hearing Day 2018 “Hear the Future – and prepare for it”. Lidia Best, EFHOH, will give an overview of the importance of earlier debates. Mark Laureyns, AEA, will talk about the relationship between hearing loss and cognition, while Anne-Sophie Parent, Age Platform Europe will talk about the role of independence in relation to hearing loss.

“As the awareness of hearing loss is becoming stronger, it is now the right time to talk about preparing for the future in relation to hearing loss and effective interventions”, says Lidia Best, Vice-President of the European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH).

“Professional Hearing Care and the use of hearing aids does not only lead to better hearing and understanding, but also activates people to stay independent and to keep enjoying life to the fullest”, says Mark Laureyns, President the European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals (AEA).

The lunch debate will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels, Tuesday March 6th from 10.30 to 12.30 in Room 6 Q 1. Representatives from the media are welcome to participate, if they register as a press representative at the European Parliament.