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April 14, 2016
How is telehealth changing the support we provide for deaf people from assessment, education to programming hearing devices?

The Ear Foundation organises a Virtual Conference starting on 3 May. Once you have signed up you have until 3 September to watch high quality presentations in your own time and as many times as you like!

The exciting topic for our next virtual conference is about making audiology and hearing support a service that overcomes the obstacles of distance and time out of the clinic back into homes.

With speakers from Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the UK we will be looking at the innovative ways telehealth is being used to transform services and promote use of technology for deaf people and their families

We will be tackling the topics of how we can deliver high quality audiological, habilitative and educational care which is:






Confirmed Speakers:

Trudy Smith ‘Digital Learning: Imagine the Possibilities’

Gwen Carr ‘ Tele audiology and Teenagers: Overcoming more than challenges of distance’

De Wet Swanepoel ‘Improving access to paediatric ear and hearing health using technology and connectivity’

Sheena Round ‘Learning from NHS innovation and your skype services’

Helen Cullington ‘A randomised controlled trial of remote care for adults using cochlear implants’

Deborah Viviane Ferrari ‘Auditory rehabilitation in children – changing practices through distance learning’

Colleen Psaros ‘Shaping holistic models of service delivery in implantable technologies – meeting the stakeholders needs’


For more information, to register, and to download speaker’s abstracts and biographies, please visit our website


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Education Programme Organiser


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