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October 15, 2014
Hearing loss and noise in the workplace can be a dangerous cocktail

A study has found an increased risk of workplace injuries among people with hearing loss who work in extremely noisy environments

Hard of hearing people who work in an environment in which noise exposure is overly intense, might miss important danger signals due to their hearing. A Canadian study reveals that hearing loss, combined with noise in the workplace, increases the risk of serious work injury. Complementing sound signals for safety with visual signals could be the answer.

While the usual reason to control noise in the workplace is to protect the hearing of the workers, the current study suggests another major reason, namely workplace safety. Workers with hearing problems might miss important sound signals while working. To improve the level of safety, researchers recommend combining sound signals for safety with other types of signals that do not rely as much on hearing e.g. visual signals.

Another recommendation is to use special types of hearing protection or assistive devices that help a hard of hearing worker to function well in a noisy environment.