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June 15, 2017
Headphones lead to hearing loss among young Americans

[] A study from the New York City Health Department finds a strong relationship between headphone-usage and hearing problems. Especially young Americans are at risk.

16% of citizens in New York City state that they suffer from hearing loss, according to a study conducted by the NYC Health Department. Even though hearing problems often impact elderly people, hearing loss and tinnitus are becoming more and more frequent among young people.

Compared with respondents aged over 45, a larger proportion of the young people aged 18-44 years use headphones to a greater extent. In the group of respondents older than 45, only 1% used headphones more than four hours per day. In the group of respondents aged between 18-44, the percentage is 5%.


Listening at too high volumes

The heavy use of headphones makes young American adults more susceptible to hearing loss and tinnitus. Among the respondents aged between 18-44 years old who reported a heavy use of headphones, 23% suffered from hearing problems.

The use of headphones among the younger portion of the population in America makes them vulnerable to hearing loss and tinnitus. Smartphones, MP3-players and other electronic devices can produce very loud sounds. Therefore listening at high volumes can create serious damage to the ears.

Exposure to sounds can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus. In particular if the headphones are used over longer periods.

Source: New York City department of health and Mental Hygiene (survey)