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October 6, 2014
Hand driers, French horns and fireworks can cause hearing loss

Loud music and noisy workplaces are well known causes of noise induced hearing loss. But noise induced hearing loss can also derive from more unusual sources

The noises around us can cause noise induced hearing loss. Some of the more obvious causes of noise induced hearing loss are that people work in environments with high levels of noise or listen to loud music through headphones or at concerts. But noise induced hearing loss can also occur from other less obvious sources.

Hand driers that can be found in public restrooms and many work places are not typically perceived as being harmful. But even though they are quieter now than previously, modern super-fast hand driers can lead to hearing loss, according to a study from University of London.

The noise levels produced by fireworks can reach 150-175dB. The recommendation from World Health Organisation is not to be exposed to more than 140dB of peak sound pressure for adults and 120dB for children. Hearing loss caused by fireworks can be temporary or permanent and the loud sounds can also lead to tinnitus.

When a person suffers from noise induced hearing loss the cochlea is damaged. Until now, noise induced hearing loss has been thought to be irreversible, but new research from the Stanford University of Medicine shows that this might not be the case.