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March 13, 2015 - Brussels, Belgium
Workshop on “Health Research Strategic Need in Europe”

The ESF Scientific Review Group for the Biomedical Sciences (SRG-MED) has decided to organise a workshop in order to discuss the topics of need in the European medical research area

The goals of the workshop and the questions to address are the following:

Aims of the workshop:
• discuss the topics of need in the European medical research area
• summarise the forward-looking perspectives, focusing on the current needs and foreseen gaps
• conclude on the recommendations for the next steps and action plan
• draft a set of recommendations to be published in a journal and handed over to, e.g., Science Europe or other stakeholder groups.

• What are the needs in health research in Europe?
• What are the current gaps?
• Which groups, stakeholders, end-users should be involved?

The main message to convey is the gap between health research funding in Europe compared to the USA. How to catch up? What is the best strategy?

Support has been obtained from the Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe which will be represented at the workshop by Professor Karin Sipido, its President. Also, Professor Richard Frackowiak, Chair of the Science Europe Medical Sciences Committee, will be present.


Provisional list of participants (as of 12 March 2015)

Practical Information sheet