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March 4-17, 2016 - Nottingham, UK
Upcoming Courses and Conferences by the Ear Foundation

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Upcoming courses:

‘Early Literacy Development: The Pre-School Years’ with Prof. Connie Mayer 4 March 2016

Children begin the process of becoming literate from birth, well before they begin school. These years from birth to age 5 are critically important in laying the foundation for learning to read and write. In this workshop we will consider the stages of very early reading and writing development with an emphasis on what is most important for development in the preschool years (e.g., listening skills, language). A major focus will be on identifying strategies, approaches, and resources for encouraging and supporting early literacy development that can be used by practitioners in both home and school settings, and that can be shared with parents and caregivers.

‘Professionals Learning to Listen Part 1: Counselling, coaching and collaborating’ 8 March 2016

Deafness impacts families emotionally. It is often chronic and ongoing. As professionals we are tasked with supporting others to make life changes, such as wearing hearing technology or providing a language rich environment. To be effective in our work – we must recognise the emotional impact in others. As David Luterman’s work shows: people often know the solution but need time and space to think. They can then take ownership and make true change. Are you skilled in counselling, coaching and collaborating to help others make life changes? This course will help you recognise the emotional ice-berg, when there is more behind a comment than it first seems and make you aware of the power of deep listening and reflecting.

Upcoming conferences:

Adult Deafness 2016 – Adult Hearing Screening, can we afford to wait any longer? 17 March 2016

Following our three highly successful reports and conferences on the real costs of Adult Hearing Loss, our next conference in this area will focus on Adult Hearing Screening: can we afford to wait any longer? This highly topical area will also be the subject of our next report, combining the latest research, new research, current innovative practice on adult screening and user perspectives, with recommendations for the future.The conference will be held in London and include presentations from leading academics and practitioners to provide an opportunity to share perspectives, to be updated on latest developments, challenge current thinking and develop and common agenda for the future.

Confirmed speakers include: Prof Adrian Davies, Lilian Greenwood, MP, Stephen Lloyd, David Furness, Soren Hauggard, Chris Wood, Nicola Wright, Krishnan Randoo, Ciaran O’Neill, Brian Lamb, Jagjit Sehit and Dr Sue Archbold.