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May 12-13, 2015 - Prague, Czech Republic
Training School in Auditory Neuroscience

VENUE: Institute of Experimental Medicine ASCR

– Acoustical measurements and stimulation
– Anesthesia, surgery, auditory evoked responses, and otoacoustic emissions in experimental animals
– Behavioral methods in auditory research
– Basics in neurohistology, immunohistochemistry, stereology, quantitative morphology, and western blot
– Patch clamp and brain slices
– Single and multiple unit recording
– Two-photon microscopy in the auditory cortex
– Basics in audiologic examination, otoacoustic emissions and subjective audiogram in humans

Schedule: in the morning there will be lectures on the above mentioned topics and then practical training sessions will follow in the afternoon.

Participants can register on line:

For further information, please download the Training School in Auditory Neuroscience Programme.