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February 5-11, 2018 -
Tinnitus Week 2018: Raising awareness together

Organizations, clinics and laboratories dealing with tinnitus and other hearing related issues (such as hyperacusis, hearing loss) from all over the world will work together to raise awareness of tinnitus.

A large variety of activities will take place during the week, including all kinds of local events, tinnitus information days, radio and TV interviews, articles in local newspapers and on the internet, science communication activities and much more… there are no limits. Any activity that boosts tinnitus awareness is welcome.
This year we are proud to unveil – a central resource collecting all the initiatives occurring during the week.

In order to be able to officially launch the website during December 2017, we need to know what activities you are planning. If you already have an activity planned for the next Tinnitus Week, please let us know and we can publish your event on the website on launch day. We would need to know the details of your planned activity, the name and logo of your organization/clinic/laboratory and a link to your website by November 30.

Please send your information to

If you do not yet have an activity decided but are going to, we can also add it to the website at any time before February 5, 2018.
Winfried Schlee, Scientific Coordinator, Tinnitus Research Initiative
Markku Vesala, Director, Tinnitus Hub
Emily Broomhead, Campaigns Manager, British Tinnitus Association
Torryn Brazell, Executive Director, American Tinnitus Association