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July 24, 2016 - Manchester, UK

The main focus will be on highlighting the benefits of science communication and better understanding the interests of different communication multipliers

Communicating with society about science and its benefits is more important than ever. This is why projects funded under Horizon 2020, the current EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, are asked to engage in communicating science to audiences beyond just their peers.

Communication is not necessarily the primary concern of scientists and some ambiguity persists among project coordinators around communication, dissemination and exploitation. This is why we are holding this event on Science Communication which will focus on effective science communication techniques to produce a “win-win” situation for researchers and media as well as other science communicators.

During the event, aimed at Horizon 2020 coordinators, invited experts will explain their views on science communication and particularly why they believe that communication is beneficial for researchers, the do’s and don’ts in communication and how to work together, with a particular focus on the experts explaining their perspective and what kind of news they are interested in, as well showcasing projects successful in their communication activities.

This event will take place just before the official start of Euro-Science Open Forum (ESOF).

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