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November 13-14, 2014 - Naples, Italy
Marketing of Innovation & Effectual Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences Seminar

The seminar is organized by the Health-2-Market project an designed for health researchers/entrepreneurs that have a clear idea of a potential business in mind

How can a market be created? How to design an innovation when creating new market or changing an existing market? Are existing marketing concepts applicable when the market does not exist?

This course aims at delivering the framework to understand and to deal with innovation strategic concepts. At the end of the course, Trainees will be familiar with new concepts presented here and the specific way of thinking to deal with disruptive innovation.

This training is dedicated to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and individuals supporting and coaching entrepreneurial projects willing to experience the entrepreneur’s mindset and toolkit through an intense accelerated seminar.

Participation is free of charge. All seminar and speaker costs are carried by the EU-funded Health2Market project. Travel and hotel costs for participants cannot be reimbursed.

Registration will be open until 30 October 2014