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October 16 - 19, 2017 - Athens, Greece
IUBMB Focused Meeting on “Molecular aspects of aging and longevity”

TENTATIVE SESSIONS: Age-related diseases & clinical studies, DNA damage and repair, Genetics and epigenetics, Immunity and aging, Model systems, -omics in aging research, Proteostasis & protein maintenance systems, Stem cells & anti-aging strategies, Telomeres & telomerase.

Aging is an inevitable biological process. Unravelling the fundamental molecular mechanisms of aging and longevity is a pre-requisite for developing appropriate means of increasing “healthy lifespan”. The Meeting will focus on these axes as it aims to integrate the latest research developments and new technologies from internationally acknowledged experts as well as to attract young scientists in the field and to give them the opportunity to discuss with experts. We aim selecting few additional speakers from the participants. Emphasis will be given to young group-leaders and we will have an additional session for presentations by young scientists. Finally, we’ll provide several travel fellowships to young scientists, especially from the developing countries.



Congress Dates: October 16th – 19th 2017

Deadline for abstract submission: June 1st 2017

Deadline for early registration fee: June 1st 2017

Deadline for your scientists’ fellowships: May 1st 2017


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