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Presentations can be viewed between May 3-September 3, 2016 -
How is telehealth changing the way we work?

The Ear Foundation conference on how clinic based services overcome the obstacles of distance and time and back into homes

How is telehealth changing the support we provide for deaf people from assessment, education to programming hearing devices?
Making audiology and hearing support a service that overcomes the obstacles of distance and time out of the clinic back into homes…is the exciting topic for our next Virtual Conference.

With speakers from Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the UK we will be looking at the innovative ways telehealth is being used to transform services and promote use of technology for deaf people and their families

We will be tackling the topics of how we can deliver high quality Audiological, habilitative and educational care which is:

·         Affordable

·         Convenient

·         Accessible

·         Sustainable

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