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November 14-15, 2016 - Vienna, Austria
Developing interventions for frailty: what do we measure?

COST Action BM1402 is pleased to announce that calls for abstracts and registration are now open for the MouseAGE meeting

Speakers at the meeting will include: Thomas von Zglinicki (Newcastle University, UK), Roger Fielding (Tufts University, USA), Roberto Bernabei (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy), Alexander Bürkle (Universität Konstanz, Germany), Sophie Lemire-Brachat (Novartis, Switzerland), Evgeni Levin-Tsivtsivadze (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Patrik Christen (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and Clemens Löwik (Erasmus MC, The Netherlands).

Deadline for abstract submission and bursary applications: 9th September 2016

Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application week commencing 19th September 2016.

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