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May 6 - 10, 2015 - Izmir, Turkey
Ceramide Conference Sphingolipid Club joint meeting

The 8th International Ceramide Conference (iCC8) will be held jointly with the 11th SLC meeting. The topics in general will cover the biochemical and physiological roles of ceramide/sphingosine 1-phosphate, metabolism and signaling with emphasis on pathobiology of cancer, inflammation, infectious diseases, diabetes, and inherited metabolic diseases

Functionally, ceramide is emerging as a key regulator of eukaryotic stress responses with roles in cell aging, apoptosis, and differentiation whereas sphingosine 1-phosphate appears to play key roles in angiogenesis, vascular biology and lymphocyte trafficking. Ceramide analogs and pharmacologic regulators of ceramide metabolism have implications in the treatment of cancer, thrombosis/re-stenosis, inflammatory diseases, aging, and immune disorders. iCC and SLC aim at bringing together world leaders in these areas of research into a common forum that promotes the exchange and development of ideas.

The most notable and commendable feature of both iCC and SLC meetings is the singular emphasis on presentations given by students and trainees as well as the effort to improve their ability to interact with senior scientists. In our meetings you can listen to researchers talk about the chemistry of sphingolipids, including the analytical methods of investigation, the pathways of sphingolipid metabolism, the modes of action of sphingolipids, the biophysics of membrane sphingolipids, the new insights into sphingolipid signaling, the relationships with autophagy, and novel animal models to study sphingolipid metabolism and functions in living organisms.

Deadline for sending abstracts is 28 February 2015