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February 10-12, 2016 - Madrid, Spain
3rd International Course “An update on facial paralysis”

This course has established itself to be one of the most important forums in the teaching and exchanging ideas in facial paralysis in Spain

The course is offered to continuing medical education of residents, fellows and practicing physicians from all specialties with interest in facial paralysis, including Otolaryngologists, Maxillofacial, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons, Physiatrists, Neurosurgeons, Ophthalmologists, Neurophysiologists, Neurologists, and other healthcare professionals.
During two and a half days all the leading topics about facial paralysis will be covered, from the basics to the advanced. This will be accomplished with didactic lectures, expert panels, surgical and non-surgical workshops, and discussion of clinical cases.
The course will bring together renowned experts from around the world to discuss the progress made in the treatment of facial paralysis.
There will be concise lectures on the leading controversial topics in both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients with facial paralysis, emphasizing the pros of a multidisciplinary approach on the basis of a Facial Paralysis Unit.
Surgeons will benefit from a didactic selection of proven surgical techniques for facial reanimation (Surgical Workshop), which will be shown in a step-by-step manner, emphasizing pits and pitfalls.
Physicians will benefit from a Botulinum Toxin Workshop with real patients.
We look forward to welcoming you to Madrid in February 2016.

· Dr. Javier Gavilán
· Dr. Luis Lassaletta
· Dr. Susana Moraleda
· Dr. Teresa González-Otero
Guest Faculty
· Dr. Tessa Hadlock
· Dr. Jacqueline H Diels
· Dr. Carien HG Beurskens
· Dr. Miguel Aristegui
· Dr. Carlos Martín

· Do we need a Facial Paralysis Unit to treat patients with facial paralysis?
· Facial Grading Systems: Which, When and Why.
· An update on medical treatment of FP (Bell & Ramsay Hunt)
· The usefulness of electrophysiological tests for FP
· Psychological aspects of FP
· Central Facial Paralysis
· The key for selecting each reinnervation technique in FP
· Tumors of the facial nerve
· Facial nerve rehabilitation in malignant tumors
· General philosophy of facial nerve reconstruction
· Intraoperative facial nerve reinforcement and reconstruction
· Eye care in FP
· Treatment options for the long-term FP: best surgical options
· Upper lid rehabilitation: microsurgical techniques vs. static procedures
· Workshop on Botulinum Toxin
· Nonsurgical treatment of FP
· Mimetherapy
· Physiotherapist management of synkinesis
· Multidisciplinary approach to real and complex clinical cases

The Surgical Workshop will teach how to perform the following techniques:
Intratemporal end to side hypoglossal-facial anastomosis
Cross-face sural graft
Gracilis microvascular flap
Harvesting donor nerves in facial paralysis: sural, greater auricular and masseter nerves
Upper lid platinum chain weight using the retrograde postelevator approach
Current oculoplastic surgery