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September 26, 2014
European Researchers’ Night 2014

Would you like to meet real researchers and scientists? The European Researchers’ Night is back this year with new and exciting activities! Join the event on Friday, 26 September 2014!

The European Researchers’ Night is an annual pan-European science outreach event supported by the EU.

This year, 22 EU countries and six neighbouring countries – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, and Norway – will participate. There will also be a special event organised by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland.

People of all ages are invited to take part in entertaining and engaging shows, experiments and workshops. Activities will combine science with other disciplines such as art, literature, and theatre, thus reaching a larger audience. In addition, the pan-European nature of the event is stressed through real-time connections between events in different countries, and through some common activities taking place at the same time in different locations.