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May 3, 2017
ESF-Science Connect April Newsletter

Take a look at latest NEWS & BLOG Articles of the ESF-Science Connect.


Blog Article – Science Connect is in Orbit
The European Science Foundation has placed its new services division Science Connect in a safe orbit on 3 April 2017, opening up thereby a new period of ESF support to the ERA…  [Read More]



Blog Article – ESF wants you for its Community of Experts
We are delighted to announce that ESF is launching the “ESF Community of Experts,” a quality driven network of scientific experts that covers the full spectrum of the scientific landscape  [Read More]



Blog Article – Undermining of science requires global response
The new US administration has succeeded in doing something that is rarely achieved: getting scientists to speak with – almost – one voice. On 22 April 2017… [Read More]



NEWS – ESF kicks off a new career tracking survey of doctorate holders
Nine European research performing and funding organisations on board for new career tracking survey of doctorate holders. So far the survey has collected over 1800 … [Read More]



NEWS – If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, how does a journey around the solar system start?
The DEMOCRITOS H2020 SPACE funded project concluded its activities today, 7 April 2017, in a workshop at the Delegation of the European Union in Moscow, Russia …. [Read More]



Post-Doc image

Blog Article – The Post-Doc Problem
Have you noticed that, after you have defended your thesis, after you have become a “PhD holder”, the epitome of an almost ten-year long, arduous path, the rejoicing is short-lived? … [Read More]