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January 19, 2017
ESF launches Science Connect

Strasbourg-based European Science Foundation (ESF) has launched its new, expert services division, Science Connect, which will be dedicated to providing practical and interdisciplinary support services to the science community and science stakeholders in Europe.

European Science Foundation (ESF) announced on January 6 the launch of Science Connect, the non-profit expert services division of the European Science Foundation.

Science Connect marks the next phase of ESF’s role in supporting science within the European Research Area. It has been born out of the deep understanding of the science landscape, funding context and needs of the research community at this critical juncture.

Their services includes: Peer Review; Evaluation; Career Tracking; Programme and Project Management and Administration; and the hosting of Expert Boards and Virtual Institutes. All delivered by a highly qualified, international and interdisciplinary team, with access to an invaluable network of international academics, science policy experts, key decision-makers and stakeholders.

They can deliver tailored solutions engineered to fit a project’s specific needs, processes, and environment. Depending on a project’s advancement, their team can intervene at any phase, from specifications to implementation and follow-up. To find out more about their expert services check out

Through Science Connect, the European Science Foundation looks forward with confidence, energy and enthusiasm to their further contribution to science and science-related activities in the European Research Area.

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