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November 26, 2014
Enjoy the “aahs” and “oohs” without the “ouch” on Bonfire Night

Action on Hearing Loss in Britain is urging parents to protect their children’s ears this Bonfire Night, after a new poll revealed that almost half of people have had hearing damage after visiting a firework display

Big firework displays, while spectacular to watch, can reach an excruciating 155 decibels (dB) -70 dBs over the safe listening level and louder than standing near a pneumatic drill (90dB) or a jet taking off (129dB).

Loud noise is the single biggest cause of preventable hearing loss in the world and one in six of people across the UK are already affected by some form of hearing loss. A wide range of ear defenders or plugs are available from many online outlets. If you notice any hearing loss or your child complains of ringing in their ears (tinnitus) after Bonfire Night visit your GP and ask for a hearing test.