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July 21, 2017

This is the newsletter of the European Commission’s eHealth, Wellbeing and Ageing team. It is hosted by the Digital Agenda for Europe Newsroom.
This is a special issue, July 2017 update.


Public Consultation on Health and Care in the Digital Single Market

The European Commission is launching a public consultation on digital transformation of health and care today. This consultation will investigate the need for policy measures that will promote digital innovation for better health and care in Europe and feed into a new Policy Communication to be adopted by the end of 2017.
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EU-funded BigData@Heart project will contribute to the development of treatments fo heart disease patients in Europe

BigData@Heart aims to develop a data-driven translational research platform of unparalleled scale and phenotypical resolution, aiming to improve patient outcomes and reduce societal burden of atrial fibrillation (AF), heart failure (HF) and acute coronary syndrome (ACS).
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See also : BigData@Heart
Contact : Linsey van Bennekom

Report on the EU funded eStandards project

eStandards presented its Roadmap for collaborative and sustainable development of standards at its Final Conference on 26 -27 June 2017 in Brussels
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The EU-funded MiRoR project will transform clinical research practice and increase its value

The MiRoR (Methods in Research on Research)project trains early stage researchers (ESRs) in the new scientific discipline of Research on Research that aims to identify and minimise persistent threats to medical research quality.
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Creating sustainable eHealth interoperability with VALUeHEALTH

The European VALUeHEALTH project is establishing how eHealth interoperability can create, deliver and capture value for all stakeholders which will justify a sustainable market in scaling-up cross-border interoperability. The aim of the project is to create and operate self-funding priority pan-European eHealth Services beyond 2020, for which an evidence-based business plan is being developed.
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EU funded RiboNets project has developed a RNA-based toolbox for cellular computing

The RiboNets project lies at the interface of computer science and synthetic biology. The project aims at programming cellular networks and community behaviour using newly engineered RNA based devices (RNAdevs) that transmit and process information within cells.
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Contact : Ilka Axmann

Telemedicine: A robotic doctor is gearing up for action

A new robot under development can send information on the stiffness, look and feel of a patient to a doctor located kilometres away. In the UK a trial with telemedicine services via telephone, web and digital television showed a reduction in mortality, hospital admissions and bed days.
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Robot Zacharias to look after our elderly relatives

What do you need when you’re old, live alone and, maybe, lose your glasses a lot or forget to take your medicine on time? Researchers from an EU funded research consortium think that a prototype robot could help out.
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MD Paedigree: A simulation and prediction tool for paediatric clinicians

The digital repository (‘infostructure’) developed by the European MD Paedigree project integrates all kinds of clinical data – from genetic and metagenomic analysis to MRI scans etc. This allows paediatricians to look for similarities with their own patients, access model-based simulations and predictions, and look for patient-centric clinical workflows. This achievement is already inspiring the creation of similar platforms in other medical fields.
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EU-funded COMPARE platform identifies emerging and re-emerging diseases

COMPARE is a multidisciplinary research network that has the vision to become the enabling analytical framework and globally linked data and information sharing platform for the rapid identification, containment and mitigation of emerging infectious diseases and food-borne outbreaks.
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Register your project with the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP)

Are you promoting a project based in the EU? Register your project in the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) and boost its visibility to a large network of international investors. Or are you an investor looking for investment opportunities in areas such as healthcare or in financing SMEs? The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) will offer you a broad choice of viable projects.
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Denmark has successfully implemented EU interoperability project results

The National Danish competence center for Health Care standards, MedCom, has successfully implemented the results of the EU-funded interoperability project Antilope into daily practice and into MedCom’s cooperation with the IT vendors in the Danish healthcare system.
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Trillium-II project signs Memorandum of Understanding with hypertension society

The EU-funded Trillium-II project is joining forces with the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) to take the vision of the electronic patient summary as window to a patient’s health information further and to promote mHealth; The ESH introduces a smartphone app especially designed for people with hypertension. “Apps can help ‘connecting the dots’ for patient summaries, meaning collecting and presenting carefully selected recorded health information”, eHealth experts say.
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From great science to thrilling technology

For more than 20 years the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme has been a landmark in advanced European science and technology. Over the years, it has supported research that led to amazing developments in a wide variety of areas, from a bionic hand to robotic plants, from synthetic brains to quantum technologies, from modeling epidemics to creative machines.
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European Reference Networks: testimonials of Elisa, Paula, Jasper and Daniel

Since March this year, the European Reference Networks are allowing doctors from 26 countries to share data and resources. The stories of four patients show how this works and how it tackles complex or rare diseases.
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Transforming eHealth into a political and economic advantage

This study, commissioned by MEP Michał Boni, explores the eHealth development rate among European countries and the various ways eHealth and mHealth solutions can contribute to more cost efficient healthcare systems. The study was presented at the European Parliament on the 8th of June.
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RELIEF Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) call for tender is now open!

RELIEF challenge is looking for interested entities to jointly innovate and looking for innovative ICT solutions to improve the self-management of chronic pain patients.
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See also : Call for tender

EMPATTICS project launches a call for tenders

The EMPATTICS project (funded through Horizon 2020) aims to discover innovative approaches to improve the level of knowledge and involvement of patients in the management of their disease and the prescribed treatments through Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP).
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Contact : Empattics

Silver Economy Awards open for application

The Silver Economy Awards is a new initiative to reward ICT-based innovative solutions that improve the lives of European seniors and support the growth of the European Silver Economy. If you offer such a solution and you represent a public authority, non-for-profit or for profit organisation, you can apply until 15 November 2017.
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Birth Day Prize – Win up to €1 million

This prize will be awarded to a novel solution that best demonstrates a reduction in maternal and/or newborn morbidity and mortality and/or stillbirths. You can apply until 6 September 2017.
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See also : Conference report ‘Research and Innovation for Maternal & Newborn Health’

INNOLABS is looking for experts and project ideas

The EU-funded INNOLABS project will select more than 100 innovative project ideas to accelerate and further support both financially and with services. They are also looking for eHealth experts.
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Porto4Ageing launches the “Academia do Bem Envelhecer” platform

Porto4Ageing, a Reference Site and Partner Plus of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, launched on 7 July, a twinned online platform: “Academia do Bem Envelhecer” – the academy of ageing well.
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The Digital Health Society Declaration

The Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia is launching the Digital Health Society Declaration as a call for actions about “Health in the Digital society and the Digital society for health”. It will integrate inputs from all the stakeholders interested in the development of Digital health.
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Contact : Estonian EU Presidency

26 July 2017 — Online

SEED Webinar “Why and how to apply for the Silver Economy Awards”
SEED consortium members will explain the aim of the Award Scheme and where and how to apply for the first edition of the Silver Economy Awards.
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7 September 2017 — University of Luxembourg

Launch event of the EU funded ELIXIR in Luxembourg
The Luxembourg Node of ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for life science information, is organising a launch in event on September 7 at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine of the University of Luxembourg.
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Contact : Lucie Debroux

5 – 8 September 2017

E-Lab: ‘Services marketing for the elderly’
Supported by PEPITE Ozer, Université Grenoble Alpes, PEPITE Paris Centre, Sorbonne Université, and EIT Health, this E-Lab is for students and future entrepreneurs who want to know more about the elderly and how to include them in their business model.
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Contact : Marie prevost

11 – 15 September 2017 — 32 Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield S3 7RD, UK

2017 AAATE Congress on Assistive Technologies
The 14th annual congress of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) will feature many interesting health tech related topics and EU-funded projects on integrated care and mild cognitive impairment.
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12 – 13 September 2017 — Hilton Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Internet of Health Conference
The Internet of Health Conference is tailored for clinicians, healthcare managers and technology leaders looking to harness the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) to transform operational efficiency and improve patient care.
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19 – 20 September 2017 — Forskningsparken – Oslo Science Park

INNOLABS organises a Digital Healthcare Hackathon in Oslo
Applications for the Digital Healthcare Hackathon are open The event is organised by the EU funded INNOLABS project, and takes place in Oslo, Norway,on 19-20 September.
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See also : Oslo Medtech
Contact : Oslo Medtech

20 – 22 September 2017 — Rome, Italy

Shaping the future of pediatrics
‘Shaping the future of pediatrics’ is the first conference on innovation in pediatrics in Europe. It will involve pediatricians, nurses, researchers, patients, entrepreneurs, and specialists in different areas in the field of innovation in pediatrics. The conference will include sessions on omics, Big Data, patient empowerment and the cycle of innovation in pediatrics.
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21 – 22 September 2017 — Madrid (Spain)

Realising the Value from Health Data – Improving Care and Research
At the 2017 i~HD Conference you can find out how big data can be used for clinical research, how hospitals are successfully reusing patient data as ‘Learning Health Systems’, and how they are improving their data quality. A major part of the conference will be dedicated to patient perspectives on reusing their health data for research.
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21 – 22 September 2017 — Praça de Londres, 2-16, Lisbon (Portugal)

UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing
This event is organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in cooperation with the Government of Portugal. This year’s edition will focus on “A Sustainable Society for All Ages – Realising the potential of living longer”.
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2 – 4 October 2017 — Several locations in The Hague

International Age-friendly Cities Conference on innovation, health and active ageing
The Hague, the first city in the Netherlands to join the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities, will be hosting the International Age-friendly Cities Conference on innovation, health and active ageing.
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New Lombardy Pre-Commercial Procurements coming soon

The first Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) in Lombardy region successfully developed a new automated system to move around hospital beds and will save €1Mio per year per hospital (tested in Niguarda hospital). Following this success, Lombardy region has allocated new funding for starting more PCPs from the European Structural and Investment Funds (POR FESR 2014-2020). A call to identify R&D procurement needs in the region in the healthcare field has been completed in June. The open market consultations for the new PCPs are expected to start in September.
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See also : Lombardy region page

2 – 4 October 2017 — Av. da Guarda Inglesa 3, 3040-270 Coimbra

AAL Forum 2017: Bridging the gaps between digital solutions and active ageing
The Ambient Assisted Living Programme promotes innovative technological product ideas and supports them until they launch on the market. These innovations are presented at the annual AAL Forum, one of the largest European events of its kind. The Forum features workshops, keynote presentations and a large exhibition area.
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10 October 2017 — Rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Brussels (Belgium)

Workshop on Silver Economy during the European Week of Regions and Cities
The workshop will demonstrate how the Silver Economy can help regions and cities to better match the needs of their ageing population while supporting local businesses and solution providers.
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16 – 18 October 2017

Estonian EU Presidency 2017 eHealth Conference: “Health in the Digital Society, Digital Society for Health”
The Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and its International Strategic Partner, the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), are organising an eHealth conference, “eHealth Tallin 2017”, taking place in Tallinn on 16-18 October 2017.
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Contact : ECHAlliance

19 – 24 October 2017 — Athens, Greece

eHealth Forum and IHIC 2017
The annual eHealth Forum in Athens will be held back to back with the International HL7 Interoperability Conference IHIC 2017.
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9 – 10 November 2017 — HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center, Albertirsai út 10, Budapest 1101, Hungary

ICT Proposers’ Day 2017
ICT Proposers’ Day 2017 will take place on 9 and 10 November in Budapest, Hungary. This networking event centres on European ICT Research & Innovation with a special focus on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2018-20. An Opening Ceremony and Social Event will be organised by the Hungarian Ministry of National Development and will take place on 8 November.
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Cognitive Hyperconnected Digital Transformation

This publication provides an overview of the current Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, ranging from research, innovation and development priorities to enabling technologies in a global context. The book features ACTIVAGE, a European Multi Centric Large Scale Pilot on Smart Living Environments.
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