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September 5, 2016
Disclosure strategies may improve communication for those with hearing loss

[] Researchers recommend educating people with hearing loss about these strategies to improve the experience of disclosing their hearing loss

The way you choose to reveal your hearing loss may have a significant impact on how you experience the disclosure of the hearing loss. This is the result of a study involving 337 participants conducted by researchers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear in the US.

Three different strategies

The researchers created a 15-question survey to gather information about the actual phrases that patients have used to let others know that they have a hearing impairment. The findings resulted in a categorisation of three types of disclosures:

Non-disclosers tended not to disclosure their hearing loss. When communicating, the non-disclosers were likely to uses phrases that normal hearing people may use such as “I can’t hear you. Please speak up”.

Basis disclosers describes those who disclose that they have a hearing loss and perhaps also share some details about their condition such as what the cause of their hearing loss is.

Multipurpose disclosers disclose their hearing loss and often also suggest an accommodation strategy for communication. They might tell communication partners: “I don’t hear as well out of my left ear. Please walk on my right side”.

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