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March 3, 2016
Awareness campaign in Europe for WHO International Ear Care Day

Three large organizations in the area of hearing health and hearing aids have come together to launch a pan-European awareness campaign as part of the World Health Organization’s International Ear Care Day, reports Hear-it

Launched in 2007 at the First International Conference on Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment in Beijing, China, WHO International Ear Care Day is an annual advocacy event held on March 3rd. Its objective is to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing care worldwide.

As part of the event this year, EFHOH (the European Federation of Hard of Hearing People), AEA (the European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals), and EHIMA (the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association) have teamed up for a Europe-wide campaign. The aim is to offer free hearing tests to those who sign up in connection with International Ear Care Day at the participating hearing aid professionals. These professionals will be able to download campaign material in the run-up to the event from the AEA website.

The core message is simple: Teeth checked! Eyes checked! What about your hearing? “We are delighted to join forces with WHO on this important issue, and we are very excited about this pan-European campaign which is the first of its kind. Far too many people know far too little about hearing loss and its consequences. International Ear Care Day is a unique opportunity to alert people about making listening safe – and to get regular hearing checks,” says AEA President, Mark Laureyns.

Source: Hear-it