María Ángeles Cantón

Joint Transnational Call for Research Proposals – Preannouncement

The EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) will launch a joint transnational call for proposals in January 2015

Vagus nerve stimulation – a new treatment for tinnitus?

Researchers at four centres across America are about to start a clinical trial to test a new technology which uses nerve stimulation and audio tone therapy to “rewire” specific parts of the brain to treat tinnitus

Short term work noise, permanent damage

Metal workers in Denmark identify noise as one of the major problems related to their work. Just few years of working in a noisy environment can reduce your hearing, the Danish Industry Association assess

Spinster Homolog 2 (Spns2) Deficiency Causes Early Onset Progressive Hearing Loss

J Chen, N Ingham, J Kelly, S Jadeja, D Goulding, J Pass, et al. Plos Genetic, October 30, 2014DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004688

Bilateral cochlear implants give the best language development

Children with bilateral cochlear implants are found to have better language and vocabulary skills than children with unilateral cochlear implants

Cationic lipid-mediated delivery of proteins enables efficient protein-based genome editing in vitro and in vivo

JA Zuris, DB Thompson, Y Shu, JP Guilinger, JL Bessen, JH Hu, et al. Nature Biotechnology (2014)

4-6 cups of coffee per day may reduce tinnitus

American study finds a connection between intake of caffeine and the rate of tinnitus