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November 24, 2015
Active and Healthy Ageing @ ICT 2015 – report from Lisbon

In October, Lisbon witnessed the largest conference on Information and Communication Technologies in the EU calendar, “ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform”

In October, Lisbon witnessed the largest conference on Information and Communication Technologies in the EU calendar, “ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform”. Projects and topics around active and healthy ageing featured prominently in various strands of the event, making it a good opportunity to extend the community and make links to the latest in European technology.


In an exhibition pavilion on Lisbon’s central Praça de Comércio, the ALFRED project, funded under FP7, showcased its virtual assistant for independent living and how games can help prevent physical and cognitive impairments.

At the main exhibition centre, INCA, funded under CIP ICT-PSP, showed how innovative cloud and mHealth solutions for integrated care can reduce hospital admissions and visits to emergency rooms significantly, only one year into the pilot project.


Looking forward, proposers for future projects had a chance to get to know topics related to healthy ageing at a H2020 Work Programme session. Among them the currently open call topics:

PPI for deployment and scaling up of ICT solutions for active and healthy ageing
EU-Japan cooperation on Novel ICT Robotics based solutions for active and healthy ageing at home or in care facilities
IoT Large Scale Pilots. Pilot 1: Smart living environments for ageing well
Coordinated Action to support the recognition of Silver Economy opportunities arising from demographic change
Standardisation needs in the field of ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing
Many participants showed interest in the topics and also took the occasion to network for joint research and innovation proposals under these calls.


“You never know where innovation is coming from but you’ve got to be ready for it”, said Candace Johnston, President of the European Business Angels Network EBAN, at the plenary session “Transforming Research and Innovation into Growth and Jobs” after she had warmed up the audience with an unusual sing-along. Bleddyn Rees, Director of the European Connected Health Alliance, seconded and made the case for transformation at larger scale, citing the EIP-AHA scaling-up strategy for ageing related innovation as a way forward. In a very interactive session, speakers and audience explored how to get more impact and growth out of investments in research.

A distinguished panel discussed Sustainable environments: an age-friendly approach in a smart city. Age-friendliness is an essential element of smart cities and a key driver of innovation in the Silver Economy. Alexander Peine of the University of Utrecht described smart homes as ongoing, personalised projects. One of the main challenges, he said, is to fight ageism in design – people of all ages need to benefit from digital environments.

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