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December 15, 2015
5% of all adult Americans say they have tinnitus

One-in-twenty Americans have tinnitus. Three quarters say that they have it in both ears. More than half of those who have tinnitus say that it is always there. These are the findings of an extensive American survey (Source:

In the MarkeTrak9 study, carried out in the US in 2014, 5% of the participants said that they have tinnitus. Of those who have tinnitus, 74% have it in both ears while the remaining 26% have it in one ear.

52% said that they have constant tinnitus while 48% reported that their tinnitus is intermittent.

A little over one-in-ten said that they have a bedside or wearable device to mask or reduce the negative effects of tinnitus.

About the survey
MarkeTrak9 was conducted in 2014 in the US with more than 17,000 respondents. The survey was carried out for HIA – Hearing Industries Association. The MarkeTrak studies have been conducted every few years in the US for more than 25 years.

Source: MarkeTrak9