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June 13, 2017
20th anniversary of the Oviedo Convention

In 2017, the Council of Europe (COE) will celebrate the 20 anniversary of the Oviedo Convention. On this occasion an international conference will be held on 24-25 October 2017, in Strasbourg, under the auspices of the Czech Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers.

The objective of this conference will be namely to analyse the relevance of this international reference instrument in the light of the developments in the biomedical field and the perspectives with a view to define the elements of a “strategic action plan” for the work of the Committee on Bioethics (DH-BIO) for the 2018 – 2019 biennium and possibly beyond. To that end, the evolution of practices and the scientific and technical developments in the biomedical field will be examined, as well as the Convention principles at stake and possible challenges raised with a view to identify possible areas for action.


The conference will benefit from the outcome of the following activities:

High level seminar on “International case-law in bioethics: insight and foresight”, held on 5 December 2016, under the auspices of Cypriot Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers

Study on “The rights of Children in biomedicine: challenges posed by scientific advances and uncertainties”, prepared by researchers form Uppsala University Department of Law (Sweden)


Approaching to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Oviedo convention, Council of Europe (COE) will be posting a series of interviews on its website. The first interviews with Prof. Petra de Sutter and Prof. Ton Liefaard are available in the website of the COE.


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