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Targeting challenges of active ageing

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 360 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. Approximately one third of the population over 65 years old is affected by age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, making it the second most common cause of disability in older people. There is no restorative treatment for deafness but functional replacement by means of prosthesis. Therefore, prevention and treatment of hearing loss is an unmet medical need.

It is essential for Europe future aged population to have well-trained people available to understand hearing loss from a general perspective. According to this, the foreseen secondments and training activities will involve a total of 15 experienced and early-stage researchers.

TARGEAR project will develop a stronger biomedical research in hearing loss for a better future for the deaf people.
Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
PEOPLE Industry-Academia Partnerships
and Pathways (IAPP) - Marie Curie Actions
Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IAPP
Project ID: 612261
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September 19, 2017

[hear-it.org] A study confirms that a class of antibiotics used to treat people with cystic fibrosis increases the risk of permanent hearing loss. As the first of its kind, the study further proves that high cumulative dosages over time significantly increase this risk.

September 15, 2017

A new edition of the European Night of Researchers will take place on Friday, September 29, 2017 around the theme “IMPOSSIBLE”. AFFICHEM company will be located at the Researchers Corner of the Quai des Savoirs in Toulouse.

September 13, 2017

[hear-it.org] Women who take hormone replacement therapy to cope with menopause have an increased risk of hearing loss, a study finds.

September 11, 2017

This is the newsletter of the European Commission’s eHealth, Wellbeing and Ageing team. It is hosted by the Digital Agenda for Europe Newsroom. In this issue: Policy, Research & Innovation, Calls, Events

September 6, 2017

The Week of Science and Technology is the most extensive science festival in the Czech Republic and its next edition will be held on November 6 -12, 2017.

September 5, 2017

[hear-it.org] Study finds high prevalence of hearing problems among Korean middle and high school students.

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